Singer 1881

If you know Singers, you can't miss them. Especially not if the maker's name is etched in the spring. This 52 inch bike has serial number 12533 and was built in 1881. It has the typical Singer brake lever and brake spoon. Clearly visible serial number, with the early types (like this one) left side of the neck, later models (past 1884-85) have it on the right side.

This very nice and original bicycle has optional ball bearings on front hub, which was state of the art in 1881. Rear wheel still has cone bearings. This bicycle also features the straight handlebars, as common with ordinaries until 1883-1884. The bell is lovely and original.
I am not sure in which year exactly (1883?) but later Singer delivered their bicycles with another type of detachable handlebars.